Monday, February 16, 2015

Night at the Museum

Got to catch Keith Haring: The Political Line this past weekend at the de Young museum in San Francisco. The show comes to end end today, 2/16, coincidentally the anniversary of Keith's passing 25 years ago. He will be forever missed!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Beautiful Girls

Recently discovered the work of artist Alexandra Levasseur.
Love her feminine, dark, mysterious, and beautiful style!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Friday, December 19, 2014

#RealPLT: Olivia Muenter

Meet Olivia Muenter! A senior at the University of Florida, writer for online magazine, Bustle, and overall stylish gal.  Recently, she styled our Nobody's Perfect Zodiac necklace with a casual and cozy ivory sweater for a perfect fall look. We wanted to get to know her better so we asked her a few questions. Check it out below and see more of her cute looks on Instagram!

PLT: How would you define your style?

OM: I love contrast. As much as I love classic pieces, I also adore trends. I love feminine silhouettes, but I also like adding an edge to the look. My style is very much a mix and a contrast of a lot of different things—and always changing.

PLT: What are you favorite boutiques to shop at in your city? Any favorites or secret spots?

OM: I'm a big online shopper myself, but Wolfgang in downtown Gainesville always has some cute pieces when I stop in.

PLT: If you had a choice: Denim or Leather?

OM: Leather. Hands down. 

PLT: If you could only wear 1 piece of jewelry forever, what would it be?

OM: Necklace if I had to choose.

PLT: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that has a special meaning or sentimental value? Care to share what it is?

OM: I have two pieces of jewelry I wear every day—a simple, delicate gold and diamond necklace from my dad and a silver ring I got in Turkey when I was 14. Never take them off, so I'll probably stay that way for a while!

PLT: Zodiac question: 

When is your birthday and what’s your zodiac sign?

OM: March 14. Pisces.

PLT: Describe your sign's personality in 3 words.

OM: Creative, introspective, stubborn.

Images via Olivia's Instagram


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