Thursday, October 11, 2012

FW 12 Lookbook: An Hour For Magic

The theme for our latest lookbook shoot was "moody" "dark" and "bewitching," to showcase our latest collection, "An Hour for Magic." The collection is centered around bold, prismatic crystals set on sleek metallic cuffs, chokers, and chains; and was inspired by the crystals (Swarovski) themselves. I bought a few of them a while back after falling in love with how pretty and "magical" they were, yet I had no idea what I was going to do with them. They sat on my work bench for months and I found myself constantly picking them up and playing around with them because they were so pretty! The crystals have a beautiful cut and catch the light so nicely in a kaleidoscope sorta way, which contrasts nicely with the understated, clean metallic cuffs and necklaces they are set on.  Please check out the entire collection! You can see rest of the lookbook pics HERE and check out the accompanying lookbook video as well!

Credits: Photographer: Iann Ivy, Model: Kianna Carlisle, Make-Up & Hair: Didi Clark

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