Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#RealPLT: Kathleen Murillo

We met Kathleen a few years back at a few pop-ups and events in San Francisco, and we've always loved her effortless cool style.  Check out our interview below to get to know her!

 Kathleen accessorizes a laid back fall look with our Zodiac *Virgo* Necklace.

PLT:  What’s your blog called, and what is it about? 

KM: It's called Inspirafashion, and its about my personal style and inspirations in fashion.

PLT: How would you define your style?  
KM: Minimal, edgy.

PLT: What are you favorite boutiques to shop at in your city? Any favorites or secret spots?  
KM: I love Wasteland on Haight St., Azalea in Hayes Valley, Bell Jar in the Mission (San Francisco).

PLT: If you had a choice: Denim or Leather? 
KM: Denim.

PLT:  If you could only wear 1 piece of jewelry forever, what would it be? 

KM: Rings!

PLT: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that has a special meaning or sentimental value? Care to share what it is?  
KM: It would be this ring my boyfriend got me for my birthday last year, I've been wearing it every day, it really special to me, as is my boyfriend. It has our initials engraved "K+Q" :)

PLT: Now for a Zodiac question: When is your birthday and what’s your zodiac sign?  
KM: September 16th, Virgo

PLT: Describe your sign's personality in 3 words. 
KM: Dependent, affectionate, persevering.

Photos above via Kathleen's Instagram @kathleencarla. Follow her to see more of her looks!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Friday, November 7, 2014

#RealPLT: Anisa Young

We loved how blogger and stylish gal about town, Anisa Young, paired her Nobody's Perfect Zodiac *Scorpio* Necklace with a fun yet polished look. We wanted to get to know her and her style better, so we asked her a few questions. Check it out below!

                                                                  Images from @younganisa

PLT: How would you define your style?

AY: Minimal at best. I went from being the girl who wears three colors per outfit to the one who solely lives in black, white and grey.

PLT: What are your favorite places to shop at in San Francisco?

AY: I don't shop in SF enough, actually I don't shop in person enough. I'm a big online shopper because I'm a bit of a hermit. If anyone has any cool suggestions for places to shop in the city, please send them my way!

PLT: If you had a choice: Denim or leather?

AY: Leather forever. I can literally throw on my leather jacket and swipe on some dark lipstick and instantly feel put together.

PLT: If you could only wear one piece of jewelry forever, would it be a necklace, earrings, rings or bracelets?

AY: Necklaces! They are pretty much the only jewelry I wear anyways (I loose everything else, oops!)

PLT: Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that has special meaning or sentimental value? Care to share?

AY:  I love my gold beaded septum ring. I got my nose pierced on a random Sunday when my girlfriends and I got brunch. There's not a lot of sentiment behind it, it was just an expensive splurge that I am way too happy with!

PLT: OK, let's talk Zodiac. What's your sign and describe it in three words.

AY:  I'm a Scorpio and damn proud of it! I would say Scorpios are sassy, sexy and loyal. 

See more of Anisa on her blog Young and Seamless, which she describes as a 
"Chronicle of her life and her phases."

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In It To Win It: #RealPLT

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, spread the love to all the #RealPLTs in your life, and enter for a chance to win PLT jewelry. Win all around! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey, November

Looking forward to all of this!

Keith Harring: The Political Line exhibit at the de Young Museum, San Francisco
November 8, 2014 thru February 16, 2015

November 12, 2014

Cold weather shopping and dressing! 
Lots of inspo and shopping picks HERE.


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