Monday, September 29, 2014

The New Collection: Nobody's Perfect Zodiac

For our latest collection, we've updated the classic Zodiac necklace and gave it a fun and cheeky spin:  
Introducing the “Nobody’s Perfect Zodiac” Necklace Collection!!
The necklaces are engraved with each Zodiac sign and symbol on the front, and a special engraved message on the back: A unique trait that highlights the “imperfect” side of each sign.  The collection was partly inspired by a book called The Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde; a really funny and freakishly accurate book describing the “dark side” of each sign. It's a reminder that everybody has good traits and bad, but we embrace all aspects of ourselves because that is what ultimately makes us all special and unique individuals. The message behind the collection is that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously because after all, nobody’s perfect!
The sleek, and minimal style pendants hang on twenty-four inches of delicate 14 kt, gold filled chain.  They are a stylish way to express your good side and bad, and a reminder that what makes you unique makes you beautiful.

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