Monday, October 27, 2014

#MoodboardMonday: Nobody's Perfect Zodiac

A look inside the inspiration and mood behind our latest collection...

Look: Inspired by the easy breezy style of ladies like Jane Birkin and Kristen Stewart and the chic and classic look of a long, single pendant necklace...

 Mood: A lighthearted and unique approach on traditional western Zodiac, gathering research from many sources on the topic including the hilarious, "Darkside Zodiac" by Stella Hyde.

 Production: Putting ideas and inspiration to paper and all the steps that followed, took 6 months for the collection to come to life!

 This was a really fun collection to design and put together. I've always been strangely attracted to Astrology and the Zodiac (come to find out through my research that it's an "Aquarius thing" which happens to be my sign) and I learned SO much about personality traits, people's beliefs, tradition, astronomy, astrology, and so much more along the way. 
Bonus info: the stars on the pendants have meaning too. The three stars on the front stand for the past, present and future and the stars on the back stand for your "good" traits and your "bad" traits, because together they make you uniquely you!
I hope you'll check out the collection, and enjoy it too.

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