Thursday, November 5, 2009


A few weeks ago over drinks at a Fashion Week event, my friend Myra and I were talking about how the shopping scene has changed in NYC since the emergence of Pop-Up Shops, and how this fresh and innovative concept has kept a lot of young designers and entrepreneurs afloat in these unstable economic times. Not only have pop-ups helped to stimulate our economy, but they've also introduced consumers to a fun and interesting way to shop again that will likely stick around for many years to come. Myra and I are both somewhat bi-coastal, so we decided to bring a little New York flavor to the Pop-Up Shop concept on the west coast, where the trend is just starting to catch on. Hence our brand new venture: DNA (designers+artists)! We've been busy scouting for fresh and established talent for our grand opening tomorrow in San Francisco, and we've put together a nice group of amazing clothing and accessories designers for our first event. SF has been very welcoming to us and our concept-- Daily Candy and 7x7 (the city's fashion and culture bible) have recently given us nice shout-outs! We hope to bring DNA to Los Angeles in the new year and back to NYC for a little homecoming event. In PLT news: Spring 2010 is looking HOT! Get ready for dangerous heavy metal action. Stayed tuned...

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